In Your Tracks

What does one do when all you feel is enveloped by such stunning beauty. So much so that it stops you cold in your tracks. This is how Josh felt right now, he tried to avert his eyes, tried so hard not to seem so obvious to the point of embarrassment for such a shy young man. But it was all for naught, he had never seen Christine in the manner that she stood before him in the street. Dressed in soft lace, flowing white all over her body that all other color had disappeared around her. Josh simply had to break out of the trance the dress and it’s occupant had put him in.

“Do you like the dress,” Christine said, looking for reassurance from an unlikely source on women’s fashion. In the year that she had first met josh, she seemed to know less about him now than that first day in the shop. He was jovial, but not funny. Professional, but not hard working. He was an enigma wrapped around a riddle, and this had prevented her from wanting to know more. Basically, she didn’t know where to start.


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